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Welcome address to SEAMP

Mr. V. Varchena, AAPM, COMP, LSBME

Dear colleagues and friends! It is my pleasure to congratulate all of you with the new professional society we just opened. There is a great hope that it will help connect many American Medical Physicists with the European and East European heritage and provide new opportunities for collaboration. SEAMP will allow Medical Physicists from Europe to engage in more scientific, clinical and personal communication and information exchange with American colleagues. Read more..

Medical Physicists in Israel

Dr. M. Smekhov, Israeli Ministry of Health

Israel is a small and beautiful country that has marvelous old cities, sunny beaches, green valleys, spectacular mountains, hot deserts and nice, friendly people. Like the USA and Canada, Israel is a country of immigrants gathering all religious and cultures, plenty of history and holy places. In spite of small size and many political problems, our country is proud of advanced technology and the internationally recognized high level of health care. Read more..

Medical Physicists in Russia

Dr. I. Lebedenko, N.N.Blokhin Cancer Research Center

The conscious decision to bring up and foster the personnel, named «medical physicist» was made up in Russia at the beginning of 90s, more than 20 years ago. Then it became clear, that modern equipment and technology which have been supplied to radiological and cancer centers could not solve the problem of quality in radiation therapy. By that time the skilled medical physicists who worked in 70s were already at the end of their professional career. Read more..

The Medical Physics Specialization System in Poland

Dr. W. Bulski and Dr. B. Gwiazdowska, M. Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center

The aim of this paper is to present the situation of the profession of medical physicists in Poland. The official recognition of the profession of medical physicist in Polish legislation was done in 2002. For a long period of time the physicists working in the hospital environment were called just physicists. The first Physics Laboratory in a hospital was opened in 1934 at the Radium Institute in Warsaw. Read more..

Medical Physics in Canada

Dr. J. Cygler, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

Medical Physics profession in Canada has a long and strong tradition of excellence. It was in Canada, where in 1951 Dr. Harold E. Johns designed the first Cobalt-60 teletherapy machine, which later in the same year was used for treating patients. In 1988 this invention was commemorated on the Canadian postal stamp, see figure 1. Read more..

Medical Physics at the National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine

Prof. Alexander Chalyi and Prof. Kyrylo Chalyy, National Medical University

Medical Faculty of Kiev University named after Saint Vladimir (at that time, at present – Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko ) was created in September, 1841. During next 80 years, from 1841 till April 1920, the separate department for medical physics teaching did not exist at the university. Read more..

The Medical Physics in Bangladesh

Jahangir Alam, M.Phil., Biomedical Physics & Technology University of Dhaka

Among the public schools in Bangladesh, Dhaka University is the only one offered courses of medical physics, biomedical physics and engineering at the Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology (Chair, Professor K.S. Rabbani). This is the first, biggest and oldest university founded in Bangladesh. As a public university, it is running by government. Read more..

Medical Physicists in Macedonia

M. Zdraveska Kocovska, M.Sc., Institute of Pathophysiology and Nuclear Medicine, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia encompasses an area of app. 25.600 km2, with a population of 2 millions. Routine application of radioisotopes in patients started in 1958. In the same year laboratory for radioisotopes was founded at the Institute of pathophysiology and nuclear medicine as a part of Medical faculty, University of “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje. The need for medical physicist working in hospital exists since the beginning of use of radiopharmaceuticals. With the first gamma camera in 1973, nuclear medicine became unavoidable part of solving many clinical problems, often with great enthusiasm, mirroring the interdisciplinary character of the Institute. In 1983, nuclear medicine department in Bitola was opened. Read more..

Medical Physics Profession in Georgia

N.Kobalia, M.Sc. and Dr. K. Kotetishvili, Mardaleishvili Medical Centre and Georgian Technical University

The first Radiotherapy Department in Georgia was opened in 1958 in Radiology Scientific Institute of the National Cancer Center, where from the very beginning Radiation Protection, equipment accuracy measurements and treatment planning were done mainly by physicist. Already that time it was clearly understood that the best treatment results for cancer patients could be achieved in case of Physicist’s involvement in radiation treatment procedures. Read more..