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Invitation to SEAMP Reception


The Society of Euro-American Medical Physicists (SEAMP, ) cordially invites you to our symposium/reception devoted to the famous Point/Counterpoint chapter that for already twenty years starts each issue of Medical Physics journal and became not only a nice tradition but the symbol of this main professional edition. This event will be held during the annual AAPM meeting in Denver Colorado Convention Center on July 31, 2017 starting at 8 p.m. just after the Awards & Honors Ceremony. Point/Counterpoint debates inspired many researchers and developers to prove their ideas and create cutting edge technologies, equipment and software that are used ubiquitously (read more).

Radiation Safety Plan for Georgian Medical Institutions


In the beginning of May 2012 in Georgia a new Nuclear and Radiation Safety Law has been launched. This law established the system of government regulations and duties of radiation sources users who are obliged to get the legal license to work with radiation units. This system includes requirements of new Georgian legislation for radiation medicine, waste management, emergency procedures and other areas and cases (read more).

AAPM-SEFM-AMPR Professional Symposium


The joint professional Symposium organized by American Association of Medical Physicists (AAPM), Spanish (SEFM) and the Russian (AMPR) medical physics societies took place during the annual AAPM meeting in Charlotte on August 1, 2012. The purpose of this Symposium was to explore the challenges that medical physicists in the three countries faced when new external beam radiotherapy technologies were introduced in their facilities and to suggest potential solutions to limitations in testing equipment and lack of familiarity with protocols. Speakers from the three societies presented reviews of the technical aspects of IMRT, Arc IMRT (IMAT/VMAT/Rapid Arc), SRS/SRBT, and IGRT/Adaptive radiotherapy, and described the status of these technologies in their countries. At SEAMP reception that was organized immediately after the Symposium the participants met in friendly informal environment with outstanding scientists, physicians and clinical physicists, top managers and developers of leading companies and other professionals working in the field of radiation medicine.

International Educational Exchange


The “Work Group on Implementation of Cooperative Agreements between the AAPM and other National and International Medical Physics Organizations (WGNIMP)” within the AAPM’s International Educational Activities Committee, is inviting individual medical physicists and educational institutions to participate in the educational exchange program for medical physicists developed between the AAPM and the Spanish Medical Physics Society (SEFM) and between the AAPM and the Association of Medical Physicists in Russia (AMPR). The programs involve educational, training and research activities in medical physics for either students (engaged either in an academic or in a clinical residence program) or professionals (called “invited members”). According to Agreements signed by the respective societies, “The education and training of medical physicists from either Spain or Russia in the USA will take place at the institutions accepting participants for a period of up to 6 months. The Students will obtain training in general and specialized aspects of Medical Physics in the different fields of Medical Physics. The Students and Invited Members while at each centre are expected to study on a fulltime basis with no unexcused absences”. Regarding research activities, the plan is to have “Development of joint research projects in research topics of common interest” (read more).

European and American Physicists Unite for Healthcare

American Institute of Physicis: Article in Newswise

On July 20, 2010 more than a hundred medical physicists, researchers, developers, and manufacturers of medical equipment from the United States, Canada, Russia, and Europe, as well as guests from Asia and Latin America, attended the first party of the Sosiety of Euro-American Medical Physicists (SEAMP), held at Moriarty’s Restaurant in Philadelphia in conjunction with a meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (click here to see a photo gallery). The guests and immigrant scientists, who have become key members of prominent health institutions, lifted their glasses to toast the first SEAMP anniversary. The organization has created a network of physicists working in healthcare that stretches across nine countries and works to promote the international exchange of technology and skills (read more).

Medical Physics Education and Medical Physicists in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh the first activities of medical physics were started in the Nineties mainly through several international seminars in Dhaka. As a result, a two year M. Sc (2000) and a four year B. Sc course (2005) were started by establishing a full-fledged “Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (MPBME)” at Gono University, Dhaka in 2000. This is the only university of its kind in Bangladesh. The syllabuses of these courses are based on the documents of DGMP, AAPM and IAEA that covers all important aspects of medical physics according to the need of Bangladesh. The main concern of this department is to educate radiation oncology physicists and imaging physicists in the country. Recently the University of Dhaka opened a Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology, offering a Ph. D course in biomedical engineering. (read more).